We have developed a variety of services under the following BMC CONTROL products on both mainframe and distributed platforms.

BMC CONTROL Products on Mainframe System

  • CONTROL-M for z/OS - It is a business-integrated scheduler designed to proactively manage and integrate diverse business processes. This product is part of an enterprise-wide solution supporting over twenty platforms and commonly used applications such as SAP R/3 and Oracle Applications. The advanced capabilities of CONTROL-M for z/OS guarantee the vital service levels necessary for the success of your business. CONTROL-M is also a member of the INCONTROL for z/OS family of products that provides complete production management.
  • CONTROL-D for z/OS - It automates every aspect of report life cycle management from creation through archival and eventual disposal, ensuring reports are efficiently broken down by the user, distributed automatically, viewed online from a web browser, archived to offline storage, and retrieved from archives. BMC CONTROL-D for z/OS inherent productivity features reduce processing overheads, hardware storage costs, personnel costs, distribution errors and report production and retention costs. BMC CONTROL-D for z/OS ensures businesses gain control of their reports and leverage them to respond to today’s dynamic business needs.
  • CONTROL-M/Tape - It is a tape management system that fully supports and enhances advanced technologies such as VTS, ATL and high capacity removable media. The implementation of the intelligent stacking feature will improve the return on tape investment by maximizing the capacity on each tape cartridge. This product helps you increase user productivity and reduce training time through a focal point of control and extensive media management capabilities.


BMC CONTROL Products on Distributed Systems

  • CONTROL-M for Distributed Systems - It is a business integrated scheduling product that focuses on the production environment's business applications and platforms. It provides advanced production-scheduling capabilities across the enterprise from a single point of control. In addition, CONTROL-M for Distributed Systems offers added value by focusing on managing and integrating dissimilar applications into one business flow, assuring service levels are met. CONTROL-M's unique architecture and multiple components address security, reliability, availability and scalability requirements.
  • CONTROL-D for Distributed System (CONTROL-D/DS) - It is an integrated suite of CONTROL-D components deployed in Windows and Unix environments. Based on definitions, CONTROL-D/DS processes reports, making them available to end-users through web-based access or email. Reports can also be sent to printers or a fax server, and CONTROL-D/DS can store them into local or remote file systems.
  • CONTROL-D/WebAccess Server - It offers your organization an inexpensive way to access reports and documents via the Web. The viewing capabilities of this product facilitate online report-handling tasks, providing Web access to your business information. Communication possibilities also increase with convenient access to corporate information and production reports over the intranet, Internet or extranet.


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